Remote Auditing

For inaccessible or isolated audits

For many countries and communities, the reaction to COVID-19 has made travel impossible or inadvisable.
Meetings too, are not possible or being kept to the minimum.
QLBS have developed QuantumLeap, an application that can be used to audit producers remotely, without having to travel or visit the farm.
The key evidence can be viewed and uploaded by auditors and producers in separate locations.

COVID-19 has made travel impossible or inadvisable.

This is how it works:
The producer is provided a link by the auditor to their own assessment on QuantumLeap so that both auditor and producer are viewing the same audit.
The auditor can ask the producer to show them around the farm or provide evidence using the digital video, audio and image windows that the camera on their smartphone or laptop is providing. This is integrated into the platform.
The appropriate evidence (images, files, and video snips) is uploaded and attached to the appropriate audit question by the producer.
Having completed the online interview, the auditor can then review the comments and evidence and complete the report deciding on compliance status.

GLOBALG.A.P. Providing Partner 

QLBS was the first GLOBALG.A.P. audit technology approved partner to submit IFA results via the GLOBALG.A.P. API in accordance with the new 2020 audit submission requirements.
GLOBALG.A.P. and QLBS have been working together to bring certification bodies an easy-to-use cloud option for conducting GLOBALG.A.P. audits and uploading data.
Integration of our QuantumLeap platform is complete enabling seamless reporting.

Online and Offline

The tool can also be used both online and offline with offline evidence (images, files, video, and comments) uploaded once the system is online again.     

Remote Peer Reviews 

The audit can be peer-reviewed by providing access to the assessment for online discussions with other experts from the professional pool.

Continous Access 

The audit may take place over time as producer and auditor will have continuous access to the assessment online until the audit is finalised.

Designed for Digital

Use laptops, tablets, and mobiles; online and offline with central data storage

Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere

Available to you, your auditors, anyone with permission; online or offline. 


Other Compliance Schemes can be conducted for the same producer, using the same online space; all the audits can be in one place.

An online, real-time, SAAS, audit reporting platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  

Take a strategic approach to compliance rather than a tactical one. 

Use QuantumLeap.

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