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Assessment, Reporting and Tracking of
the Continuous Improvement Process

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The QuantumLeap cloud platform enables any best practice framework, gap analysis, standard or professional assessment. Aggregate your data for assurance, analysis, benchmarking, monitoring and automated reporting.

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 For Clients, Advisors and Managers

 Branded, web based portal 

 Framework specific or multiple frameworks; combined

 Business diagnostic tools with auto-generated customised reports

✓ Professional report creation and BI integration

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✓ Significantly reduce inspection effort and time
✓ Easily track your compliance requirements and actions
✓ Pre-audit multiple compliance regimes at the same time
✓ Collaborate online with inspectors and auditors
✓ Use on mobile devices easily - upload images for evidence
✓ Work online and offline

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✓ A clear understanding of where it is not meeting the ESG standards of its customers and stakeholders, and what to do to meet the ESG standards

✓ The tools and processes to ensure it is not investing or lending to organisations that are making a negative contribution to society and the environment

✓ Corporate reporting based on a rigorous, systematic and transparent process on the state of ESG and what the bank is doing about it.

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✓ Manage, monitor and report on positive impacts on the environment and society, with clear empirical data
✓ Focus on social, environmental and governance factors to improve their standing with the fans, gain support from new consumers and investors, and help to improve their chances of long-term success

✓ Assess the entire supply chain, from start to finish

✓ Use assessment tools that provide transparency across the industry

Identify potential risks that could impact a company's operations, reputation, and financial performance
Make more informed decisions about suppliers

✓ Manage risks associated with a supply chain

✓ Identify suppliers that align with company values and avoid those that may engage in practices that could damage their reputation.

 Manage all government and regulatory regulations and reporting requirements related to ESG issues.


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For better advice and guidance
✓ Harvest your data, and raise the value of your organisation

✓ Convert data into knowledge

✓ Aggregate Data and produce reports

✓ Provide visibility and transparency 

✓ Meet new and emerging ESG requirements

Have a professional, branded homepage with easy-to-follow client screens


Display questions clearly and provide clients with helpful guidance and file upload functions

Example of Questions screen in QuantumLeap

Take advantage of a powerful and
easy-to-use consultant back-end with access management and visibility for advisors. 

Diagnostics Management screen in QuantumLeap's Assessment Platform

Professional dashboards display the information that is important to your clients. 


Summary dashboards can highlight progress year-on-year. 


Get Significant Consulting Platform Benefits

A universal platform that will digitally transform your advisory services offering. 

- Your own branded, professional, web-based, cloud assessment platform​
- Easily identify consultant led, client requirements​
- Easy navigation for both client and consultant


- Transform how your organization collects, analyses and acts on data​
- Streamline data gathering of  responses for reporting​
- Turn critical data into actionable insights​


- Customize reporting for client, framework or industry​
- Bring efficiency and simplicity to the reporting of best practice frameworks. ​


- Multiple frameworks published to the diagnostic tool​
- Weighting, logic and permissions applied to any question set
- Cloud storage repository for all documents, assessments and reports​


Elevate your client facing technology solutions with a professional consulting platform​

Creating ESG Diagnostic Assessments for a World Leader in ESG 

QLBS is working with a world leader in ESG to develop best practice diagnostic tools to help businesses understand their gaps and develop improvement programs.

We have developed diagnostic technology solution to produce a modern, web based platform that is specifically designed to meet our client's needs. QuantumLeap is a web-based diagnostic platform that is specifically designed to meet client's technology solution needs. The SAAS solution will integrate with PowerBI to deliver a raft of business opportunities within the professional management consulting business.  

The solution provides: 

  • A platform for the use of international best practice diagnostic frameworks  

  • A branded, professional and consistent quality approach to put in front of clients

  • An integrated technology solution that promotes their digital capabilities in the marketplace

  • Low risk, highly reliable technical solution, easily and rapidly leveraged for high usage

  • Easy to use in front of the client, web based platform, accessible online or offline, accessible from anywhere

  • Extensive reporting and data aggregation capabilities from within the tool's dashboard, and reporting capabilities via integration with BI tools

Three Coworkers

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:

Spark Ann Arbor (USA), Northern Territories (Australia), and Adelaide Business Hub (Australia) are a few examples of how using a Virtual Advisor can help thousands of businesses.

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These business development organisations were able to use the data collected to encourage entrepreneurs to acquire the right skills and experience, before putting their own and third-party capital at risk. 
Data was also looked at for businesses in the early stage growth-cycle, from business fitness diagnostics conducted by Business Advisors.
Comparing ecosystems at various stages of business development added a significant understanding of the growth constraints for businesses.

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Assessment Library

  • If you are in the business of assessment, you want your many schemes to be well-managed, and in a secure assessment library.

  • Have your own secure library, with version control and question management.

  • Your assessment assets will be safe and accessible to all of your authorised team members.

Assessment Consulting

QLBS is a world leader in understanding different assessment schemes, when to use them, and how to deploy them.

  • ESG, ISO, Baldridge, EFQM, Lean, Business Fitness, GLOBALG.A.P. Food Safety, Slave Labour, Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Asset Management; on and on... we have set them up for assessors all over the world.


Let us advise you on your assessment deployment strategies:

  • Scheme Development:

Criteria development, question management, evidence gathering, action and response options

  • Deployment:

Self-assessment, professional led, remote and hybrid, internal and external audit, diagnostic consulting

  • Knowledge Working:

Reporting, dashboards, action planning, monitoring & evaluation, database management, BI, Security, and privacy.

  • Assessment Training:

Interactive, Online, Virtual, and Pilot.

Assessment Publishing

To take all spreadsheet assessments to the cloud, you need a digital publishing engine. So we built one.

  • Question sets are the backbone of diagnostic tools and schemes. Use our Assessment Publisher to rapidly build new question sets - or transfer current sets - into the cloud.

  • Our publisher enables customisation of question frameworks, variable measurement methods, evidence gathering, and action planning; In multiple languages.

  • The publisher also enables configuration of automated reports and dashboards including response scores, gap analysis, comments, and recorded evidence.

Take a Quantum Leap Beyond Spreadsheets

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Use our online, real-time, SAAS platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  

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