• Keith Phillips - CEO

QLBS Remote Audit Saves the Day for Santa

Updated: Mar 21

Santa had a big problem.

He needed to make sure all his presents were safe and from ‘good practice’ suppliers. He also needed to ensure that his reindeer and sleigh passed the transport safety tests. But his auditors were not able to travel to the factories and farmers around the world to do the audits or inspections necessary to get all the gifts certified for quality and safety.

Fortunately, Santa spoke to Marco Roffia at CCPB, an innovative certification body in Bologna. Marco told Santa about the QuantumLeap remote auditing solution which provides auditors with visibility of the supplier. He told them of a successful case where he was able to conduct an audit from Italy, using an auditor in Egypt, to conduct audits in the Lebanon during lockdown.

Using QuantumLeap remote, Santa’s Audit Gnomes were able to see what the toymakers were doing, gather evidence of conformity and quality, and then issue reports – even though they were not able to travel.

Leading US transport safety certifiers J. J. Keller were able to inspect the reindeer and sleigh remotely and pass them as ‘fit for purpose’.

A global Christmas disaster was avoided.

Santa was so pleased that he has named the newborn fawns ‘Quantum’ and ‘Leap’.

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