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For Clients

For Business Advisors

For Business Advisors

For Clients

For Managers of Business Advisory Centres Advisors

  • A portal to sign up and request an advisory session


  • A portal to book a workshop or seminar


  • A summary of upcoming bookings and past interactions


  • Automatic feedback facility for advisory sessions and events

  • A portal to track activity with all clients

  • Event management and action planning


  • Activity and referral tracking


  • Business diagnostic tools with auto-generated customized reports


  • Automated client feedback requests

  • A view of all Client/Advisor activity


  • Activity and event tracking


  • Automatic regular reports and real time dashboards showing progress against KPIs


  • Ad Hoc customizable reporting and data analysis


  • Community Capability Data and Community knowledge

For Clients

For Business Auditors and Advisors

For Managers and
Team Leaders

Telarc SAI

Ensuring Quality for the New Zealand Food and Wine Industry

Telarc SAI, the largest assessor of ISO standards in New Zealand, uses QLBS for Food and Wine Safety compliance as well as ISO 9001.  Its teams of professional assessors coordinate quality assessment programs nationally.

The system enables review and collaboration delivering a higher quality audit.  The data harvested enables added client value based on industry insights.



New South Wales 

Business Connect Program

The 12 accredited providers can monitor and manage their own advisors and the business community and take the appropriate action.  NSW State can view the whole program across the community taking corrective action to ensure delivery of outcomes.  The CRM enables Dashboards and reports on day-to-day activity for all levels to control.

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Dashboard monitoring activity:


USA Advisory

Managing Teams of Compliance Assessors

A USA Advisory that looks after the transport fleet communities uses a professional advisory system to assess quality and compliance across transport fleets in the USA.


The team operates across the states on multiple compliance regimes. 

The system manages assessment activity and enables interstate collaboration to produce high-value outputs. 

Example from this report:



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