The ESG Assessment Platform

For Audit, Gap Analysis, and Reporting

Climate change, pandemics, cybercrime and an emerging global conscience have created the biggest shift in reporting requirements since the invention of accountancy.


You now need to report on Environmental, Social and Governance practices if you are to retain your customers and attract human, and financial capital. Compliance legislation are coming at us thick and fast; we can't just report the financial accounts.


QuantumLeap is the first ESG software platform designed to help auditors, business advisors and their clients, ensure that they can assess and report on all of their ESG requirements.


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Who We Are:

  • We are a Cloud platform for gap analysis, audit and inspection.

  • We are an assessment builder, publisher and distributor.

  • We can provide any assessment scheme to anyone, anywhere.


And if this is difficult to understand. That’s understandable.

Because we are unique. No other company can do what we do.

Moving from spreadsheets to our cloud platform QuantumLeap, delivers a step-change in visibility and intelligence across your audits.
And significantly reduces cost and time. 

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Assessment Consulting

QLBS is a world leader in understanding different assessment schemes, when to use them, and how to deploy them.

  • ESG, ISO, Baldridge, EFQM, Lean, Business Fitness, GLOBALG.A.P. Food Safety, Slave Labour, Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Asset Management; on and on... we have set them up for assessors all over the world.


Let us advise you on your assessment deployment strategies:

  • Scheme Development:

Criteria development, question management, evidence gathering, action and response options

  • Deployment:

Self-assessment, professional led, remote and hybrid, internal and external audit, diagnostic consulting

  • Knowledge Working:

Reporting, dashboards, action planning, monitoring & evaluation, database management, BI, Security, and privacy.

  • Assessment Training:

Interactive, Online, Virtual, and Pilot.

Assessment Publishing

To take all spreadsheet assessments to the cloud, you need a digital publishing engine. So we built one.

  • Question sets are the backbone of diagnostic tools and schemes. Use our Assessment Publisher to rapidly build new question sets - or transfer current sets - into the cloud.

  • Our publisher enables customisation of question frameworks, variable measurement methods, evidence gathering, and action planning; In multiple languages.

  • The publisher also enables configuration of automated reports and dashboards including response scores, gap analysis, comments, and recorded evidence.

Assessment Library

  • If you are in the business of assessment, you want your many schemes to be well-managed, and in a secure assessment library.

  • Have your own secure library, with version control and question management.

  • Your assessment assets will be safe and accessible to all of your authorised team members.

Moving from spreadsheets to our cloud platform QuantumLeap, delivers a step-change in visibility and intelligence across your assessments and audits. And significantly reduces cost and time. 


Suitable for any assessment; Compliance, Quality, Excellence

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Detailed Analysis, Aggregated Reporting and insights

Arrows showing multple connections

Ideal for multi-scheme audits.

Easy to Integrate

Assessment Image

Pre-Assessment, Self-Assessment and Hybrid

Mobile phone or tablet connecting to data

Audit - for when you can't be there in person

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Real-time collaboration,

in the cloud

Two arrows in a seamless cycle

A Seamless Flow: Pre-Audit, Audit,


Wifi data symbol

Online and Offline

No Duplicaton Cross

Eliminate duplication and double-handling costs

Accessible by anyone, anywhere,
through any digital device

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For Business 

✓ For internal and external auditors and consultants

✓ Assess ISO: safety, sustainability, quality, data security

✓ Assure environmental, social, and governance standards

✓ Manage teams of auditors and advisors

✓ Ensure quality and compliance across supply chains

✓ Track actions and drive 'continuous improvement'

✓ Harvest and aggregate data for BI and AI

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For Agriculture

✓ For growers, co-ops, processors, retailers and brand owners

✓ Assess compliance; food safety, sustainability, labour practices

✓ For horticulture, meat, fisheries, dairy, organics

✓ Multi Scheme harmonisation across GFSI standards

✓ Remote, online and offline, for hard to reach producers

✓ Manage and monitor your teams of auditors

✓ Reduce costs, time and your carbon footprint

✓ Improve auditor performance through tracking & benchmarking

Harvest and aggregate data for BI and AI

For Training

Ideal for online self-paced learning, and classroom learning
✓ Accelerate learning and experience

✓ Use scenarios, or build your own for your learners

✓ Compare yourself against other professionals

I always praise QLBS’ functionality, quality, support and documentation at any meeting where the issue arises. It’s better than any other system I have worked with. Not to mention the nice people!

Andreas Hartung:
Senior Data Systems Officer, Training Services NSW

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When auditors and their clients sought technologies and techniques to provide the assurance required by regulators when the covid stopped them from travelling, they discovered new, green ways of doing business. These not only led to a reduction in carbon emissions, but also to a reduction in costs and unproductive travel time. 

QLBS is a champion for connected, global solutions.

We offer an online, real-time, SAAS, audit reporting platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  

Take a strategic approach to compliance rather than a tactical one. 
Use QuantumLeap.

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