Food Co-Operatives

Growing and Protecting Your Brand

How can you be sure of compliance and quality across your supply if your vision is impaired? 
In these days of social media, bad news travels fast.
One farmer or supplier caught-out by not being diligent in compliance could ruin the reputation of your entire group.

QuantumLeap customers are already reporting up to 50% time and cost savings.

And the potential for even greater savings are now being made using follow-up audits and audits that cover multiple schemes.

Co-operatives need to offer a supply chain that food retailers can trust

Reduced Time and Effort means Reduced Costs

Co-operatives and brand-owners have found their costs reduced in a number of areas:


Reduced Audit Time: Because all the pre-work can be done by the grower (answering questions and uploading evidence via the QL platform), the audit takes less time and the auditor can concentrate on adding value to key areas. A detailed audit digital paper trail is available for the auditor to refer to. Huge time savings in the overall auditing process.


Reduced Reporting Effort: All audit answers and evidence are collated via the QL platform and automatically uploaded to the packhouse database or head office. A certificate can be generated and data can also be uploaded directly to regulators and scheme-holders.  Large savings in time, effort, and reduction in manual errors.


Reduced Documentation Duplication: Most growers need to be audited against a number of schemes. The platform can ensure that there is no duplication. Answer a question once, supply the evidence once and populate multiple certification questionnaires. The more schemes, the greater the time savings.


Develop Greater Trust and Visibility

Use QuantumLeap to demonstrate greater visibility over your growers. Increase buyer-trust by showing them that you have certainty about the quality and compliance of your produce.

Secure Access

Using a cloud platform means that all assessment data and evidence can be gathered, analysed and viewed securely online.

We understand your challenges

The increasing globalisation of food supply chains is requiring greater visibility of safety, integrity, and quality standards. At the same time, global communications such as the internet mean that bad news will travel faster than ever before.  The reputation and capital value of a supplier can plummet very quickly if a story of a bad workplace - or poor environmental practice - goes viral.

These global forces are putting pressure on the food supply chains, increasing cost and complexity of compliance, raising food prices globally, and reducing the ability of smaller farmers to participate in the global food supply.

For the co-operative, it's difficult to see a range of compliance regimes across all of their members. And visibility across different audit teams at different locations is hard.

  • Audit data captured in disconnected systems is almost impossible to compare
  • Keeping track of corrective actions across the community and ensuring follow-through is complex 

  • Multiple and changing compliance regimes are time-consuming and costly to administer


We have a solution

QuantumLeap is designed to provide visibility of assessments across multiple schemes for both the farmer and the suppliers - even if you cannot be on-site.

Co-operatives have a place where: 

  • Assessments and evidence can be aggregated and analysed to provide clarity across the whole supplier community

  • Reports and dashboards can be automated to monitor progress over time across your supply chain. 

  • Farmers can be monitored and benchmarked to identify areas of greatest risk to the reputation of your co-operative.

  • Different assessments can be integrated so that evidence provided for one regime can be used as evidence for other regimes, reducing duplication effort and saving time. 

  • Auditing can continue even if auditors can't get access. Remote access tools enable audits to continue and not delay business. 

“This tool is invaluable in collecting and enabling reporting on data that can be used to identify improvement opportunities with individual growers".

Graeme Munro

Avoco New Zealand


Quick Self-Assessment

Enables self-assessment by farmers & growers to speed-up the auditing process

Detailed Analysis

Transforms your data into meaningful insights

Eliminate Duplicate Requests

Saves time by eliminating repeat requests & re-using evidence for multiple audits

Remote Audit

Audit remotely without auditors being onsite. 

An online, real-time, SAAS, audit reporting platform that offers visibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, control, confidence, rigour and flexibility.  

Take a strategic approach to compliance rather than a tactical one. 

Use QuantumLeap.

'Request a Demo' for a no-obligation demonstration of how our solution works and what potential it has for your organisation.

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