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A Quantum Leap in Trust and Transparency

Quantum Leap provides a platform for the New Generation of professionals responsible for continuously improving compliance and quality across the organisation and its supply chains.

The auditor in the digital world will use cloud platform systems provides:


  • All your Compliance, Quality, and ESG standards: The platform has been built to handle any ISO or other safety, environmental, social and governance standards.  Having all your standards on one place makes it easier and consistent for everyone to use.

  • Multi-Scheme integrated audits: Example… ISO 9001, 9014 and 9045 have a 33% repetition of control points across all schemes. An integrated approach removes duplication of assessment and evidence gathering.

  • Onsite, offsite and hybrid auditing: Integrated remote and onsite audit systems will reduce travel resulting in a lower financial and carbon cost.

  • Providing a view across all standards: Having all the schemes on one platform enables reports and dashboards across all the schemes providing views across the organisation or supply chain.

  • Continuous Improvement: Tracking performance, aggregating data,  and monitoring actions enables rigorous continuous improvement programs.


Ensuring Quality for the New Zealand 

Food and Wine Industry

Telarc is the largest assessor of ISO standards in New Zealand, uses QLBS for Food and Wine Safety (WSMP) compliance as well as ISO 9001.  Its teams of professional assessors coordinate quality assessment programs nationally.

The system enables review and collaboration delivering a higher quality audit.  The data harvested enables added client value based on industry insights.


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Telarc Wine Screenshot of QuantumLeap
Telarc Wine Screenshot in the QuantumLeap Application

Exemplar Global

Audit Simulator

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Exemplar Global are the world’s leading certifier of auditors and auditor training courses. These include auditor training of the ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, and other ISO standards. 

Exemplar Global have recognised that the future of business compliance and quality auditing is in digital platforms; tools that will assist the auditor to deliver greater value at a lower cost.

In their program to recruit a new generation of auditors they have partnered with QLBS to develop the online Audit Simulator. The learner can get hands-on experience of auditing and compare themselves against the professionals.

Image of Andrew Baines CEO of Exemplar Global

“We are working with lead auditor training organisations around the world to develop a range of simulations to cover different auditor experiences.'"

The CEO of Exemplar Global Andrew Baines

IQM Group
ISO 9004

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The IQM group have partnered with QLBS to develop ISO 9004 as a continuous improvement program for SME’s and supplier clusters.

Image of Carew Hatherley of  IQM

“ISO9004 enables Quality and Supply Chain managers to assess and continuously improve their suppliers. It is not an ISO standard, but an Improvement program that  - when conducted on the QLBS platform - enables reach across the whole community providing benchmarking and portfolio management"

Carew Hatherley is the Chair of the IQM group.

Carew is a Certified Lead Auditor and trainer for ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 & 45001.

For a free trial of the ISO 9004 which features improvement please e-mail and we will set you up.

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